Sharakah is a Closed Joint Stock Company incorporated by a Royal Decree No. (76/98) in 1998 to show the on-going commitment and support of the Sultanate of Oman towards entrepreneurship development.

Sharakah aims to contribute towards SME development in Oman by spreading awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship and SMEs, providing financial support and consultation services.

The generous donation by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said along with those from the business community and private individuals have created the share capital that enables us to operate and render our services.


Vision and Mission

Vision An SME Development Organization that everyone is proud to be associated with.


Quality Policy

We at “Sharakah” are committed to quality and strive to enhance customer satisfaction by continually improving our business processes and developing our staff skills and competencies



In recent years there has been increasing recognition of the pivotal role played by the entrepreneur in economic development. According to the respected economist William Baumol the entrepreneur is “an indispensable component of growth and prosperity.”


Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

With an increased interest in supporting the development of SMEs or entrepreneurship, it is important to widen our knowledge about the factors that affects the development and growth of these businesses.



Many of today’s business giants were once start-ups. And in their start-up phase they encountered issues as every other small business including


Thinking about starting a business?

Are you thinking about starting a business of your own? Have you recently started one or are you looking to grow?