Position: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Key Responsibilities:

· Design, develop and deliver overall investment and business strategy across SME industry and multiple segments


· Implementation & Management of Sharakah’s objectives


· Identify investment opportunities to manage capital


· Design new products and policies


· Develop operating procedures & manage implementation


· Analyze market trends/data and work in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors to provide informed opinions regarding future economic trends and other factors that may affect SME ecosystem in Oman


· Study the feasibility of projects funded in terms of their viability based on commercial, marketing and legal parameters


· Lead, guide, train and motivate employees towards high standards of performance


· Structuring appropriate finance in the SME market


· Ongoing assistance and monitoring of SMEs to develop and implement business plans in a variety of business sectors through all its maturity stages


· Growing portfolios and stakeholder engagement


· Build a culture that promotes SME Development across the entire ecosystem and community


· Strong relationship with regulators and policy makers


Details of the position in the below link: