BP Oman

Khazzan Program for SME Development:

Khazzan Program for SME Development is one of BP Oman’s Social Investment Initiatives that aims at supporting the development of SMEs in Oman. The program approach is to assess selected SMEs in 7 different categories including Compliance, Product/Service Quality, Marketing, Communication, HR, Finance and Financial Track Record and Policies. After initial detailed assessment an Action plan is developed for selected businesses to guide them in each of the assessed categories to operate professionally and help them to sustain their business. A grant from BP Oman is given to these SMEs for improving their workings as per Sharakah’s assessment.

Calculate it Right:

Calculate it Right is a one-day workshop that takes the participants through a challenging yet informative session. The ultimate objective of the workshop is to help those who are planning to start a business understand the exact requirements they will need and to project realistic sales assumptions, to calculate project cost, operational expenses, required resources, and the cost of capital