Financial Assistance

We provide customized financial solutions to suit your need and we have three different schemes:

Loan Scheme:

Term Loan for Assets based Funding and Working Capital provided to businesses that fits the following:

  • Required loan Amount between OMR 25,000 to 350,000
  • Minimum Promoter’s Contribution – For New Projects 33% and For Existing 20%
  • Interest rate 5%
  • Risk rate up to 2% depends on project viability, Promoter’s capability, Promoter’s commitment and more
  • Loan Period Maximum 6 years, including Moratorium.

Bill Discounting Scheme:

Customized to meet short term investment requirements and it aims at Improving the Cash Flow and liquidity of the business. The conditions are:

  • 120 Day’s credit period
  • Facility for SMEs providing products/services to large public/private sector organizations
  • Investment amount between OMR 25,000 to 100,000
  • The business has to be in existence for at least one year
  • Submitting audited financials
  • Revolving limit to be renewed annually

Equity Scheme:

Equity participation in projects that are in high growth businesses. This scheme is certified to be Shariaa compliant by the concerned authority. The requirements to be eligible for this scheme include:

  • Investment amount between OMR 100,000 to 350,000
  • Existing project with Audited Financials for at least 3 years
  • Sharakah’s Shareholding between 10% to 49% dependent on the contribution amount
  • Minimum Promoter’s contribution is 51%
  • The company should be an LLC
  • There has to be clear Exit Strategy
  • Existing project with Audited Financials for 3 years
  • No collateral securities needed.

The following conditions apply on all applications submitted:

  • Total project cost (New or Existing) should not exceed OMR 2 million
  • Minimum required investment is OMR 25,000
  • Maximum required investment is OMR 350,000
  • Availability of viable business plans
  • Businesses that will provide employment opportunities and contribute to community development
  • Promoters who have adequate skills to manage the business
  • We support both Start-up and existing high growth companies
  • Startup contribution should be 33% and existing business 20% in case of loan scheme
  • Projects that can attract Funding from other private investors, individuals or financial institutions if needed
  • Businesses managed by ambitious, skillful and committed owners
  • Ventures that are able to produce products and services that have a competitive advantage and have potential for significant sales growth
  • Projects that are able to generate capital gains through the sale of its shares within 6 years in the case of an equity partnership

We welcome most sectors, but we are targeting businesses in the manufacturing sector


We are specifically proud that Sharakah has been able to self-sustain for 20 years without requiring additional funds or contribution. Our approach has always been to diversify our investment to make returns that would enable us to cover our operational expenses, grow and invest in more SMEs.

Since inception, Sharakah supported many businesses from different governates and from different sectors. Our objectives remain in ensuring the sustainability of the businesses we support and creating employment opportunities

As for SME financing, we have supported more than 180 projects with an investment amount exceeding OMR 6 million.