Sharakah empowers Musandam entrepreneurs with “Calculate it Right” Workshop

Muscat: As part of its entrepreneurship development initiative, Sharakah recently organised yet another “Calculate it Right” workshop at the Atana hotel in Musandam. The workshop which had a clear focus on the importance of skill development and entrepreneurship drew participation from successful entrepreneurs from in and around the Musandam governorate. Senior undergraduate students specialising in finance, accounting, economics, and business management from various educational institutions within the region attended the workshop.

The workshop conducted by Umaima Al Ghadani Investment Manager at Sharakah with the support of FarisAl Harthy focused on the basic and advanced approaches of entrepreneurial development and how it can be imbibed to the participants.

Umaima Al Ghadani said, “In the ongoing ‘Calculate it Right’ workshops, participants are empowered to grasp the fundamental pillars of business initiation and acquire a comprehensive understanding of practical sales forecasts, project expenses, operational costs, resource requirements, and capital investments. Throughout every stage of life, having an entrepreneurial mindset holds significant value and can greatly benefit participants. The workshop encompassed a blend of lectures, hands-on activities like brainstorming, real case studies, and the exchange of experiences between participants and resource persons.”

FarisAl Harthy said, “Following their participation in this workshop, we believe that the attendees have gained a comprehensive understanding of the challenges, prospects, issues, concerns, opportunities, and procedural aspects related to entrepreneurship development and associated matters.”

Being Oman’s foremost entrepreneurship development organisation, Sharakah is committed to providing essential financial management expertise to aspiring business entrepreneurs, novice startups, enterprising small business proprietors, and college students. This expertise plays a crucial role in their success in the field of financial management.

This initiative directly aligns with Sharakah’s unwavering dedication to promoting In-Country Value (ICV) and fostering a local marketplace that thrives on competitive and sustainable skills. As Sharakah advances in its mission, the contributions made by each participant in workshops like ‘Calculate it Right’ play a pivotal role in the tapestry of progress. By championing Oman’s ICV ambitions, the company collectively nurture the growth of SMEs while driving innovation, technology, and the nurturing of local talents.


About Sharakah

Sharakah, among Oman’s first SME development initiatives has been fostering the entrepreneurial spirit since 1998 when it was incorporated by a Royal Decree No. (76/98). Since its inception, Sharakah has provided support to a substantial number of projects in different sectors through awareness, training programs, financial support, consultation services and more. Playing a strategic role in the SMEs ecosystem in the Sultanate and making a positive impact is Sharakah’s vision, and its strategies revolve around the objectives of benefitting the Omani SME sector.



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