It is for the generous contribution that Sharakah received from its shareholders that enabled it to accomplish its goals and play a major role in developing the SMEs sector.

We thank our shareholders for their continuous support.

It is their belief and trust in our objectives and mission that keeps us going.

2. Mr. Ahmed Farid Mohammed Al-Aulaqi
3. Oman Flour Mills
4. Dhofar Intl. Development & Investment Holding Co.
5. Oman & Emirates Investment Holding Co.
6. Khimji Ramdas
7. HSBC Bank Oman
8. National Banak of Oman
9. Oman Arab Bank
10. Bank Dhofar
11. Zubair Corp.
12. Shk. Suhail Bin Salim Bahwan
13. Oman Cement Co. SAOG
14. Waleed Bin Omar A. Al-Zawawi
15. Raysut Cement Co. SAOG
16. Galfar Eng. & Cont. Co. L.L.C
17. Said Bin Salim Al-Wohaibi
18. Tawoos Co. L.L.C
19. Renaissance services Co. (L.L.C)
20. Oman Air Company SAOG
21. W.J. Towell L.L.C
22. Areej bint Omar bin Abdul Moneim Al-Zawawi
23. Reem bint Omar bin Abdul Moneim Al-Zawawi
24. Dhofar Cattle Feed Co. SAOG
25. Mr. Hani Mohamed Al Zubair
26. Baqir Sulaiman Jaffer Co.
27. Muhsin Haider Darwish, LLC
28. Mohammed. & Ahmed Al-Khonji Co.
29. Al-Jamali Est.
30. National Drilling & Services Co.

31. Bank Muscat
32. Oman Chamber of Commerce& Industry
33. Mr. Essa Bin Mohd. Al-Zidjali
34. Al-Fahal Cont. Co. L.L.C.
35. Gulf Heavy Equipment & Eng. Co
36. Al Madina Investment Co. SAOG
37. Oman United Insurance Co. SAOG
38. Arabian Industries Co. L.L.C.
39. Financial Services Co. SAOG
40. Al-Dastoor Contr. & Tdg. Co.
41. MB Petroleum Services L.L.C.
42. ROP Pension Fund L.L.C.
43. Dolphin International Co. L.L.C.
44. HE. Sayyed Salim Bin Nassir Al-Bousaidi
45. Shk. Ahmed Bin Mohammed Omair Al-Hinai
46. Shk. Ali Bin Mohammed Aqeel BaOmar
47. Mr.Ziad Mohammed Zubair
48. HE. Ahmed Bin Saif Musallam Al-Rawahi
49. HE. Sayyed Saif Bin Hamad Soud Al-Bousaidi
50. HE. Shk. Mustihail Bin Ahmed Ali Al-Maashani
51. HE. Hafeedh Bin Salim Ahmed Al-Ghassani
52. HE. AbdulAziz Bin Mohd. Al-Rawas
53. Royal Guard of Oman – Al Nama Fund
54. Mr.Abdul Aziz Abdul Qader Al Ghasani
55. Mr.Mohammed Abdul Qader Al Ghasani
56. Mr.Mustafa Abdul Qader Al Ghasani
57. HE. Ahmed Abdul Qadir Al-Ghassani
58. Ms. Fatma Abdul Qader Al Ghasani
59. Ms. Noor Abdul Qader Al Ghasani
60. Ms. Tahani Abdul Qader Al Ghasani