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Advisory Solutions

Beyond Financing Support; Empowering SMEs for Success

At Sharakah, our solutions and tools are designed with your growth and sustainability in mind.

Here we bring you our Business Intelligence Tool :

About the tool:

A 360-degree projection assessment tool that evaluates company operations, guiding and one on one coaching for sustained growth, with a long-term action plan and follow ups. Participants will receive tools, policies, and templates to enhance their business management practices.

Is it for you: Eligibility

  • Exiting SME or Start up
  • 16 month or more
  • Aspiring to grow

Package 1

Package 2

Package 3

Review financial


Cashflow &

Business Strategy


Governance & sustainability evaluation


Development of a
marketing plan

What is BPMT

Review Business Plan

Conduct a preliminary analysis to confirm the viability of the business by verifying the need for such services in the targeted market, assessing the barrier for entry in the market, confirming the project cost, reviewing the sales projects and required resources.

Project Financial Projections

Assist SMEs in preparing the cash flow using Sharakah’s templates. Educating the business owners of the various income sources.

Risk Assessment

Conduct a Risk Assessment for the business to identify areas of concern for any business. Then help them develop a risk mitigation strategy.

Access to Markets

Continuously research possible opportunities for business partners (SMEs). Arrange meetings with senior officials at large corporations and government agencies.

Promoting Services and Products

Utilizing Sharakah’s social media accounts to promote the services & products of the SMEs.


Linking SMEs of similar interest to benefit from each other services. Providing opportunities for SMEs to showcase their success in local and regional events.