Sharakah Ventures: Impact and Innovation

About Sharakah Ventures:

Is an impact driven financial solution created to invest in startups and innovators in the pre seed and seed stage in Oman’s ecosystem.



Is to drive significant impact through strategic financial investments, incubation, capacity building, and fostering a robust entrepreneurial culture.

Also to offer investors a platform to invest in the future where capital does more than grow, it impacts and transform.



Visionary Investments: We look beyond the numbers to invest in the ideas and people that have the potential to transform markets and communities.

Strategic Growth: Our approach is not just about financial support; it’s about building partnerships that foster strategic growth and long-term success.



Capital Investment: Providing the crucial financial fuel to power your startup’s journey.

Mentorship & Guidance: Access to industry experts and mentors who can guide you through the intricate paths of entrepreneurship.

Networking Opportunities: Connecting you with a network of industry leaders, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs to expand your reach and impact.


Investment Focus

Our investment focus spans a range of sectors, prioritizing innovative solutions and sustainable business models. We believe in diversity, not just in our portfolio but also in our approach, embracing startups at various stages of their lifecycle.


Potential limited partner / investor?

  • Strategic Growth – Invest in a long-term growth and market transformation.
  • Diverse Portfolio – Diversify your investments across innovative and sustainable sectors including fintech and technology-driven startups.
  • Fill the gap – in the pre seed and seed stages/


Partner with us:

“Empower your startup with Sharakah Ventures, where innovation meets experience. We don’t just offer capital; we provide a launchpad for your groundbreaking ideas with mentorship, networking, and strategic guidance

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