Sharakah inspires emerging entrepreneurs through ‘Calculate it Right’ workshop in Salalah

Muscat: The “Calculate it Right” workshop, hosted recently by Sharakah at Salalah garnered a tremendous and enthusiastic response from its attendees. The event was held at the Salalah Gardens Hotel and drew a diverse array of participants. It was attended bythriving entrepreneurs from the Dhofar governorate, as well as senior undergraduate students specialising in finance, accounting, economics, and business management from various institutions across the governorate.

Diligently curated, the all-encompassing workshop series conducted by Oman’s leading entrepreneurship development firm, strives to furnish budding business entrepreneurs, inexperienced startups, enterprising small business owners, as well as college students, with essential financial management expertise that plays a pivotal role in their success within the realm of financial management.

Faris Al Harthi, Senior Project Specialist at Sharakah who conducted the workshop said,“The Salalah-held ‘Calculate it Right’ workshop series showcases Sharakah’s diverse strategy of empowering and preparing small enterprises in Oman for success. The workshop’s curriculum encompassed an array of valuable subjects. It is our belief that this initiative will enable participants to acquire the skills needed for informed business decisions and accurate projections of future cash flow, thereby ensuring the financial well-being of their businesses.”

The ongoing ‘Calculate it Right’ workshop empowers individuals to grasp the essential foundations of business initiation and gain a comprehensive comprehension of practical sales forecasts, project expenses, operational outlays, resource needs, and capital investments.

Sharakah unequivocally aligns with the mission of promoting In-Country Value (ICV), working determinedly to cultivate a local market filled with competitive and sustainable skills. As Sharakah moves ahead, everyone’s contribution becomes a vital thread in the fabric of progress. By championing Oman’s ICV ambitions, it is important to jointly nurture the growth of SMEs while fueling innovation, technology, and the development of local talents.


About Sharakah

Sharakah, among Oman’s first SME development initiatives has been fostering the entrepreneurial spirit since 1998 when it was incorporated by a Royal Decree No. (76/98). Since its inception, Sharakah has provided support to a substantial number of projects in different sectors through awareness, training programs, financial support, consultation services and more. Playing a strategic role in the SMEs ecosystem in the Sultanate and making a positive impact is Sharakah’s vision, and its strategies revolve around the objectives of benefitting the Omani SME sector.



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