National Finance Solidifies Partnership with Sharakah, EmpoweringSMEs through “Imtidad” programme and continuing its support to Youth & High Intellectual Capabilities

Muscat: In continuation of its efforts to empower youth and creative energies, National Finance – the Sultanate of Oman’s leading finance company – confirms the success of its partnership with Sharakah for several years, highlighting the empowerment and support of local projects and the development of the entrepreneurial spirit among ambitious youth through its Corporate Responsibility arm, Imtidad, National Finance has strategically aligned its efforts with Sharakah to propel these enterprises towards sustained growth.

The initiative’s primary goal is to support and empower many SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs in identifying and addressing areas for operational improvement, guiding them towards implementing effective strategies to increase business profitability. A cornerstone of the initiative activities  is also the “Zaad Al Ruwad” workshop that works as an essential tool to offering prospective entrepreneurs’ insight into the intricacies of starting a business.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Tariq bin Sulaiman Al Farsi, Chief Executive Officer, National Finance, said, “Grounded in a history defined by shared successes, our strategic collaboration with Sharakah is imbued with a collective vision aimed at catalysing positive change and contributing to the holistic development of the nation. The partnership stands as a compelling testament to National Finance’s proactive role in shaping the SME landscape. This collaborative synergy not only pledges a substantial growth of SMEs within the country but also plays a pivotal role in contributing to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).”

Mr. Ali Ahmed Muqaibal, CEO of Sharakah highlighted the importance of these partnerships in creating a robust and interconnected entrepreneurial ecosystem in Oman.

He said, “These collaborations have been crucial in knowledge sharing, facilitating access to the best financing options, and establishing a supportive network for SMEs. By leveraging the expertise and resources of various organisations, Sharakah has created a holistic ecosystem catering to the diverse needs of startups and SMEs.”

The success of the Imtidad Programme and its unique approach, tailored specifically to the Omani market, stands as a testament to the effectiveness of corporate partnerships in fostering a culture of entrepreneurship. These market-specific tools, developed from extensive experience, have not only catered to local needs and offered scalability, but have also contributed to the development and advancement of a resilient economic landscape in the country


About Sharakah

Sharakah, among Oman’s first SME development initiatives has been fostering the entrepreneurial spirit since 1998 when it was incorporated by a Royal Decree No. (76/98). Since its inception, Sharakah has provided support to a substantial number of projects in different sectors through awareness, training programs, financial support, consultation services and more. Playing a strategic role in the SMEs ecosystem in the Sultanate and making a positive impact is Sharakah’s vision, and its strategies revolve around the objectives of benefitting the Omani SME sector.



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