Mission Vision

Sharakah is a not for profit with a Closed Joint Stock Company.


To empower the growth and resilience of Oman’s SME sector through impactful and sustainable investment strategies and expert consultancy services.

We are dedicated to fostering innovation, driving economic prosperity, and nurturing lasting relationships with our clients, all while ensuring a brighter, more sustainable future for Oman’s small and medium-sized enterprises.


We are a Mission-driven, Connector, Professional, and Modern organization, steadfastly focused on five foundational pillars:

Review financial reports

Pioneering diverse financial products, we expertly manage portfolios to become cash cows for our clients, ensuring agility, enhancing the customer journey, and maintaining responsiveness. We aspire to compete vigorously with banks and other entities while championing venture capital.

Incubation Excellence

We offer comprehensive incubation programs that provide SMEs with essential training, tools, and facilitation, empowering them to thrive and succeed.

Corporate partnership

Capacity Building and Corporate Partnerships

Through strategic corporate partnerships and co-sponsoring programs and workshops, we are committed to fostering capacity building and sustainable growth.

Regulatory Leadership

As a hub and strategic partner, we play a pivotal role in recommending and mapping regulations and rules that benefit the SME sector, ensuring a conducive business environment.

Promoting Entrepreneur Culture

Entrepreneurship Culture Promotion

At the core of our mission, we actively promote an entrepreneurial culture, inspiring innovation, creativity, and resilience in Oman's SME ecosystem.

Our vision is to be the driving force behind Oman’s SME sector’s enduring success, creating lasting positive impacts for businesses, communities, and the nation as a whole.”