“BAKEHOUSE” to introduce new products for the Summer Season

Bakehouse Café was founded by young Omani entrepreneurs in 2019. It started its operations with a small elegant branch in Al Khoudh, on Mazoon Street, where it distinguished itself as a provider of premium fresh products. The Café started to offer a variety of products such as premium Specialty Coffee, fresh pastries such as croissants and desserts such as cakes and cookies. They have since then expanded their menu to include breakfast options as well as a wider variety of beverages. Furthermore, the brand has been able to adapt to the seasonality of products, for instance they launched their Winter Exclusive products which were the signature Winter Hot Cocoa and Winter Churros (btw, (if you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out) and Summer Exclusives, like the refreshing Iced Teas and Acai bowl. They are soon launching products for this summer season (stay tuned!).

One of the major strengths in the brand’s products are their quality as it is the utmost priority at Bakehouse; the premium ingredients that are used and high standard of equipment is reflected in the rich and flavorful taste of their products, which have been created in collaboration with world-renowned Chefs.

In January 2022, Bakehouse opened its second branch, at Souq Al Madina, in Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos. The new location immediately gained popularity when it started operations; it started operations in late December 2021 and was setup with emphasis on the Winter Season due to the lovely outdoor seating area. The brand marketed their Winter Exclusives with the quote “Winter in Muscat” which turned out to become synonymous with Bakehouse. The same enthusiasm is expected this Summer, with many new products to be introduced very soon.

Bakehouse has also made remarkable efforts to reduce its carbon footprint; like offering sustainable reusable glass bottles for takeaway beverage orders, and introducing edible pasta straws which were an option to have instead of the regular plastic straws. In a market saturated with F&B establishments, it is nice to see one standing out and making a conscious effort to be more environmental-friendly.

Some of the best sellers from their beverage menu are the Saffron Latte, Forest Berries Iced Tea & Caramel Frappe. In terms of their pastries, Kinder Croissant & the Garlic Cheese Croissant are customer favorites. Other products that can’t be missed out on are the French Toast, Ferrero Cake and Mini Cookies. They also offer delivery through Talabat & TmDone. Furthermore, both branches offer the option to order through their website where customers are able to get discounts as well as loyalty cashback rewards.

The Cafe was granted financial and advisory support by the Fund for Development of Youth Projects “Sharakah” in December 2021, as Sharakah aims to support promising local businesses. Sharakah has been guiding small and medium enterprises in the Sultanate towards maintaining profitability and sustainability since 1998.

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